Masters of superb Edomae Ramen, a favorite of the famous character Mito Koumon!

The Mitsukuniko Ramen is made with a light soy sauce and dried-sardine stock broth, based on the kind of ramen Mito Koumon might have eaten in the Edo period! The Noboribetsu specialty Enma Ramen and Muroran specialty Curry Ramen are also big hits!

  • Mitsukuniko Ramen
    850 Yen
  • Curry Ramen
    850 Yen
  • Enma Ramen
    850 Yen



Offering all the Japanese favorites! A place to satisfy your hunger and your soul.

This shop offers value meals with soba or udon noodles, and rice dishes from 750 Yen. They also serve alcohol, so you can try the Edo delight of "a glass with soba"!

  • Shrimp Tempura Soba
    1,100 Yen
  • Sauce Cutlet Bowl
    1,080 Yen
  • Wild Plant Udon
    880 Yen

Komachi Sweet Shop


Come sit down for a break after your long walk in this spot for a little sweetness and a quiet rest.

This shop offers warm, smiling hospitality to everyone they meet. They welcome guests with cool treats in summer and warm ones in winter, creating a sweet shop to truly relax in.

  • Matcha and Japanese Sweet (Choose from Sakura Mochi or Sanshoku Dango dumplings)
    500 Yen
  • Sanshoku Dango Dumplings (2 skewers)
    300 Yen
  • Warabi Mochi
    500 Yen



Food you can sink your teeth into, Edo style! Offering the Jidaimura's famous "Odango" giant dumplings!

These filling Odango are a Jidaimura specialty! Choose from 5 flavors including coarse ground sweet bean, mitarashi syrup, and more, to eat as you go. There are also various beverages on offer.

  • Odango (Mitarashi, Sweet Bean, Sesame, Kinako Roasted Soy, Ume Sour Plum Bean Past)
    each 250 Yen

Teashop Bonten


In business next to the rest area! Why not have a cup of tea and a snack with your break?

The varied menu includes drinks, soft-serve ice cream, light meals and more. It's built into the free rest station near the theaters, so it's perfect for a break between performances!

  • Fried Takoyaki Octopus Balls
    300 Yen
  • NINJA Lager
    500 Yen
  • Maccha Soft-Serve Ice Cream
    350 Yen