1. Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura is a history theme park highlighting the Edo Period--one of the most attractive era in Japanese history.
    You will feel a soul of Japan by coming in contact with not only traditional buildings and items but also Edo people such as Ninjas, Samurais, and Oirans.

  2. Our park is open everyday, except for a few days in winter for facility maintenance.
    For more details, please check here.

  3. In summer (4/1-10/31), our park is open from 9:00 to 17:00. And in winter (11/1-3/31), from 9:00 to 16:00.
    Note that the ticket office ends one hour before the park closes.

  4. Admission fee is below:
    Adults 3,300yen
    Children(Ages 6-12) 1,700yen
    Toddlers(Age 4 to pre-elementary) 600yen
    There may be some discount service available, please check here.

  5. At the ticket office, souvenir shops, and photo studio "Utsuroi-kan," you can pay with credit cards and electronic money like below. (Lump sum payment only)
    Please note that the restaurants and some amusement facilities only accept cash.

  6. We have coin-operated storage lockers near the entrance.
    The size & fees are below:
    Large 1(H80cm×W36cm×D49cm)700yen
    Large 2(H85cm×W36cm×D57cm)700yen
    For larger size baggage, please contact a staff of the ticket counter.

  7. We are very sorry but we do not have a shuttle bus.
    Please check here to know other ways to get to our park.

  8. A rental wheelchair is free, and a baby carriage is 200yen.
    Please ask a staff of the ticket counter.

  9. There are "Manpuku-tei"(Japanese noodles and rice dishes), "Pekin-tei"(Ramen, or Chinese noodles), "Waraji-ya"(Dumplings), "Komachi"(Sweets), and"Bonten"(Snacks).
    The restaurant "Aoba-goten" outside the gate is only for the groups with reservation.

  10. Please show your ticket to the staff at the gate you can enter any number of times on that day.

  11. Please visit the photo studio "Utsuroi-kan" and choose your favorite costume. You can wear costumes and take pictures or walk in the village with a kimono.
    Check the choices and fees here.

  12. You can freely put your pictures of our park or staffs to a non-commercial use.
    However, you should pay attention to using those which other visitors appear on it. We cannot take on responsibility of any troubles made by using them.

  13. We are very sorry but we do not have a online shop to deal in our goods.

  14. You can download PDF pamphlets in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese(traditional/simplified), Thai from here.
    We are very sorry but we cannot send the printed one to overseas countries.

  15. There as a place called “EDO-YA” where you can experience the painting of “KOMA” and “KOKESHI”, traditional Japanese toys.
    For more details, please check here.

  16. Although you do not need a reservation for admission only, we recommend you to inform us in advance about the date, number of people, and group name for a smooth reception.
    You must make a reservation if you have a lunch in our restaurant "Aoba Goten". Please ask us with the contact form for details.

  17. We are very sorry but we cannot give you any advice about the things outside of our park.
    Noboribetsu Tourism Association may be able to help you, please check here.