Change into a costume of Edo people and get a special photo on the spot!
There are various rental costumes to go out into the Edo town.


Get your picture taken as a Samurai Lord or Princess! You will receive your pictures on the spot.
※We have wide selection of kimono with different colors and patterns.

Fees(including rental costumes, photo shooting, 1photo)

    • L Size photo (89mm×127mm) 3,500 yen per person
    • 8x10 size photo (203mm×254mm) 4,500 yen per person
  • Some costumes have an additional charge of 500 yen. (Shinsengumi, Formal Samurai, Oiran)
  • Both size come with a hard paper mount.

Option: Additional printing of photos (the same photo)
  • L Size +1,000 yen/1photo
  • 8x10 size +1,500 yen/1photo

【Guidance of use】
  • When used by multiple people, shooting can be done individually or together.
    You can also choose the size of each photo when shooting together.
  • Due to the limited number of each costume, it may not be possible to meet your request for simultaneous shooting with a large number of people.
  • You can not go outdoors with your shooting costumes.
  • There is no preparation for makeup equipment, so bring your own if you need it.

Rental Clothing

We have sets of every style for rental to wear around the park for the day!


    • Ninja Kid (Elementary School and younger) 1,100 yen
    • Ninja Adult (Middle School and Older) 3,300 yen
    • Towns Lady 3,700 yen
    • Samurai・Samurai's Daughter 4,700 yen
    • Yukata Kid (Elementary School and younger)*summer only 1,100 yen
    • Yukata Adult (Middle School and Older)*summer only 2,200 yen
  • Clothing rental only, does not include photographs.
  • Some clothing style numbers are limited.