December, 2023


New Year Festival

Let's experience Japanese traditional New Year's events that are rarely seen in modern times.


(1)Sake for hospitality to celebrate the New Year (Next to Fukutoku-Ya, 9:00~)

Free distribution of sacred sake to visitors.
Hot Amazake (fermented non-alcoholic rice drink) is also available.
※It will end when it is gone

(2)First Writing of the year (Next to Nanamangoku, Open all day)

Calligraphy tools such as ink and brush are prepared in the room.
Feel free to write new Year's resolutions and show them on the bulletin board.


(3)Tousenkyou (At Shirahagi Hall, Open all day)

An Japanese traditional game in which throw a folding fan aiming the target on the table and compete for scores.

(4)Traditional New Year's play (At Shirahagi Hall, Open all day)

You can experience various games played in New Year in Japan.
・Paper kite flying
・Hanetsuki(Japanese traditional badminton)
・Fuku-warai (Japanese game similar to "pin the tail on the donkey")

(5)Shishimai:Performance of the guardian lion mask (Walk around the facility) 

This guardian lion is a very auspicious imaginary being.
You can get rid of bad luck by having guardian lion bite your head.


9:00-16:00 (Please see above for details)
Each place in the facility (Please see above for details)
*There is a separate admission fee for the park.
  • The event content is subject to change or the event is subject to cancel due to circumstances.