Kasumi Ninja House[Ninja Show]


Watch skilled ninjas cross swords on stage in this secret-filled Ninja House!

Spin-off Story of Ninjas: The Flute in a Field Wind

[20 min]

The story is set in 1616 when the first Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa died after he terminated the long war and realized peaceful Japan.

One day, a puppeteer Kazuma visits Yahachi, who is one of the ninjas serving the Date clan. Kazuma has a mission to deliver something from Tadateru Matsudaira, the young brother of the present Shogun, to Princess Iroha of the Date clan.

It is a legendary bamboo flute called “Nokaze(field wind),” which Tadateru inherited from his father Ieyasu in secret.

What kind of mind does “the rulers’ flute” hand down?
Ninjas are active behind the bonds of father and child, or husband and wife!

Japanese Culture Theater[Oiran Show]


Come live the lifestyle of the wealthy for just one night...Experience how the elegant entertainments of the Edo rich!

Beauties in Full Bloom

[25 min]

Welcome to the salon of Takao Tayu, greatest Oiran in the Yoshiwara district. Tonight, she awaits the visit of a wealthy patron with her proteges Satsuki and Momiji.
Tonight's guest just happens to be Japan's greatest general...and the role of guest of honor will be played by none other than a member of the audience! The usher, Ippachi, will be inviting those who wish to participate, so don't be shy! Come forward!
The general will be able to enjoy traditional geisha entertainments like the Fan Tossing Game.

Come to where pleasures grow like the blossoms of a flower garden...
We invite you to enjoy a luxurious feast of the senses!

O-Edo Theater[Nyanmage Comedy


Come and meet Nyanmage! This history-flavored comedy will make you laugh and laugh...and maybe cry a little.

The Casebook of Edo Humanity

[25 min]

Recently, Maneki-neko (a figure of a cat beckoning fortune) is in fashion in Edo town. But people say that a funny cat called Nyanmage, who lives with a police detective Heiji, seems to be more responsive to prayers.

This rumor has escalated into a groundless story that the government set a large price on its head.

One day, Heiji and his follower Hachi patrol the town and come across two samurais, Kazuha and her brother Genji. Although they introduce themselves as masters of a swordplay school, Heiji thinks something suspicious.

Uncertain rumors always confuse the people, also in Edo period!
What will be the fate of Naynmage being targeted?

Open-air Theater Ninja Fort[Outdoor Action Show]


This exciting outdoor show is filled with acrobatic ninjas leaping overhead against the backdrop of their towering fortress.

During rainy or windy weather, may be relocated to the Shuriken Classroom.

Master Swordsman Bokuden Tsukahara’s Journey

[15 min]

The story is set in the Age of Civil Wars. Bokuden Tsukahara is a famous master swordsman and coming to a mountain pass in the course of his journey.

A girl named Sakura catches up with him and appeals to him to make her a disciple. He laughs off her determination to hard training in swordsmanship to avenge her father’s death, and tells her about the way of using sword to save lives.

However, the situation suddenly changes because some guerillas appear and besiege them...

The first lesson for a new disciple is to win without fighting!?
Witness the secrets of swordsmanship which cut down not a person but an evil mind!