Kasumi Ninja House[Ninja Show]


Watch skilled ninjas cross swords on stage in this secret-filled Ninja House!

Spin-off Story of Ninjas: The Dreams of the Lords

[20 min]

The story is set in the early years of the Edo period. A messenger named Hayate visits the hideout of Uemon, who is one of the ninjas working under Masamune Date.
Hayate was sent from his lord Choan Okubo, a famous samurai commander and sworn friend of Masamune. While ostensibly submissive to Tokugawa, who is becoming the ruler of Japan, both of them have secret ambitions for overturn of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
But now, Choan is seriously ill and ready to accept to death. Therefore, he ordered Hayate to carry a certain document there.

The last will of a dying samurai commander is leaved with his sworn friend…
And ninjas dive into a desperate battle to defend the dreams of their lords!

Japanese Culture Theater[Oiran Show]


Come live the lifestyle of the wealthy for just one night...Experience how the elegant entertainments of the Edo rich!

Beauties in Full Bloom

[30 min]

Welcome to the salon of Takao Tayu, greatest Oiran in the Yoshiwara district. Tonight, she awaits the visit of a wealthy patron with her proteges Satsuki and Momiji.
Tonight's guest just happens to be Japan's greatest general...and the role of guest of honor will be played by none other than a member of the audience! The usher, Ippachi, will be inviting those who wish to participate, so don't be shy! Come forward!
The general will be able to enjoy traditional geisha entertainments like the Fan Tossing Game "Tosenkyo".

Come to where pleasures grow like the blossoms of a flower garden...
We invite you to enjoy a luxurious feast of the senses!

O-Edo TheaterSamurai Show]


Experience the essence of BUSHIDO, that is, the Samurai Spirit!


[20 min]

A female samurai named Taki is training with her senior disciple Saito at a Kendo school.
She is nervous about her impending duel with Ichiro Yamagami, her late brother's deadly enemy.
Shisho (master of the school) recognizes her mental state and tells her that a sword is not to kill but to stop the power of enemy, then teaches her the secrets of the sword that he has cultivated himself.

As an offering to "The True Samurai" sacrificed himself for protect dignity of Bushi,
a female samurai challenges to a deadly duel now!