Kasumi Ninja House[Ninja Show]


Watch skilled ninjas cross swords on stage in this secret-filled Ninja House!

Spin-off Story of Ninjas: The Holy War in Fukuwara

[20 min]

The story is set in the early years of the Edo period. Juan Goto, a samurai under Masamune Date and the lord of a region called Fukuwara, is visited by a ninja named Senki on the orders of their lord.

Nowadays, the Tokugawa Shogunate's oppression of Christianity is becoming increasingly severe. But Juan, as a devout Christian, doesn't stop his missionary work and is now a wanted man.

Senki is on a top-secret mission to take Juan to a certain place.

A blessing reaches the Christian samurai who risks his life for his faith.
But the clutches of the persecutors are just around the corner...!!

Japanese Culture Theater[Oiran Show]


Come live the lifestyle of the wealthy for just one night...Experience how the elegant entertainments of the Edo rich!

Beauties in Full Bloom

[30 min]

Welcome to the salon of Takao Tayu, greatest Oiran in the Yoshiwara district. Tonight, she awaits the visit of a wealthy patron with her proteges Satsuki and Momiji.
Tonight's guest just happens to be Japan's greatest general...and the role of guest of honor will be played by none other than a member of the audience! The usher, Ippachi, will be inviting those who wish to participate, so don't be shy! Come forward!
The general will be able to enjoy traditional geisha entertainments like the Fan Tossing Game "Tosenkyo".

Come to where pleasures grow like the blossoms of a flower garden...
We invite you to enjoy a luxurious feast of the senses!

O-Edo Theater[Nyanmage Comedy


Come and meet Nyanmage! This history-flavored comedy will make you laugh and laugh...and maybe cry a little.

A Guidepost Shown by an Elderly Lord: Nyanmage and a Flower in the Peaceful World

[25 min]

A samurai Tsubaki has just arrived in Edo from the hometown to find a position as an official. While searching for the owner of Nyanmage, a stray cat happened to meet, Tsubaki reunites with a ronin (masterless samurai) named Yasubei from the same town.
When they stop by a nearby teashop, the old shopkeeper tells them an interesting story. Just recently, an unprecedented decree was issued that whoever catches a big cat with a topknot will become a vassal of the Tokugawa Shogun's family. The cat's features are exactly like Nyanmage itself.

A golden opportunity for success comes to samurais unsure of their future path!
What’s the identity of Nyanmage and the truth behind the strange decree?!

Open-air Theater Ninja Fort[Outdoor Action Show]


This exciting outdoor show is filled with acrobatic ninjas leaping overhead against the backdrop of their towering fortress.

During rainy or windy weather, may be relocated to the Shuriken Classroom.

Spin-off Story of Ninjas: Duel at Sakasai Fort

[15 min]

The story takes place in July 1590, when Hideyoshi Toyotomi finally united the country by destroying the Hojo clan. Sahei and Koyane of the "Kurohabaki-gumi", a ninja group under Masamune Date, visit Sakasai Fort on the northern edge of Hojo's domain.

The fort is isolated and ninjas known as the “Fuma Party” are still holed up there, unaware of the surrender of their lord Hojo.

The mission given to the two is to urge Fuma to give up in order to save their lives from the remnant hunters...

What do the ninjas on the losers' side fight for, left behind in the northern fortress?
And what is the result of the fateful confrontation between the Kurohabaki and the Fuma?