2019.7.20-21,27-28 & 8.3-4,10-15,17-18

Ninja Training Experience for Kids

This is a ninja lesson for children of elementary school age or younger.

Ninja teachers will choose challengers by lottery and submit some tasks such as throwing Shuriken (ninja star).

Accomplish them and get a present from ninjas!

2019.7.20-21,27-28 & 8.3-4,10-15,17-18
Twice a day / after the Outdoor Action Show
Required Time
approx.15 min.
Open-air Theater Ninja Fort
Free *There is a separate admission fee for the park.
Children of elementary school age or younger
10 children at each time
Way to Participate
Lottery tickets will be distributed for 10 minutes from 15 minutes before each show starting.
After the show, the drawing will be held on the stage.
(Reservations are not accepted)
  • This program may be altered to “Throwing Shuriken Experience” in a rainy or windy weather.
  • Rental ninja costumes are available at “Utsuroi-Kan.” Click here for details.
  • The event content is subject to change or the event is subject to cancel due to circumstances.